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Engineered to Perform

Proven quality materials, manufactured to an extremely high standard and yet at a very affordable price. Our door systems stand the test of time.

At the Sliding Door Factory the quality of our materials and installations, along with great customer care,  has been  the reason we have been in business for over 20 years.

We tried and tested many different door and track systems until we found DSH in Canada. With DSH we’ve found a range that’s superbly engineered, offering both long term reliability as well as an unbeatable smooth gliding action and a lovely range of colours and finishes.

Unique anti-jump roller system

The DSH sliding door system features a bottom roll system that carries the weight of the door on the floor which means it’s ideal for larger, heavier doors. The bottom rollers have an anti-jump system built in which helps keep the doors firmly on track no matter what obstruction gets in the way.

The top rollers are quiet in operation and the system is super slim allowing easy fitment of a flush fitting fascia. Both bottom and top roller tracks can be adjusted to suite any wall a floor irregularities, ensuring a level and smooth gliding action every time.

Fully guaranteed

We’re the sole UK supplier for the DSH range of door and track systems and guarantee them for 10 years from installation.

You can choose from 6 different wood frames and 8 coloured metal frames and we have a range of over 100 timber panels and 30 different colours of glass so you won’t be short of choice! All are beautifully finished, tough and ready for a lifetime of use.

At the Sliding Door Factory we can make doors to fit any size of opening and can make any adjustments required to cater for out-of-square openings.

Residential or Commercial Use

Unlike many other systems which are not suited to installation in places such as offices and shops as they see much heavier use than in the average bedroom, our standard systems are engineered to take such use in their stride.

We guarantee our systems in all standard commercial environments. You can be confident that due to their superior construction quality they will be able to take years of heavy use and still perform perfectly.
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