Wardrobe Interiors

We can design and build totally unique and affordable wardrobe interiors that compliment your lifestyle and make the most of the space you have available. 

You can make the most of your new wardrobe space by specifying a custom-made interior package. Designed to suit your lifestyle, you can choose any combination of shelf, hanging or shoe storage you like.

Our wardrobe interiors are available in a selection of lovely wood finishes such as light oak, beech, mahogany or plain white or black. They are expertly crafted and as you're buying direct from the manufacturer, very affordable too.

Typical features requested by our custumers include:
• Long hanging areas for formal dresses and coats
• Short hanging areas for shirts, blouses and trousers
• Built in drawer units in matching finish
• Wire baskets and shelves suitable for everything from jumpers and tops to belts, bags, scarves and kids toys
• Shoe racks for tidy and space efficient storage of shoes
•  Double hanging rails, ideal for the man with lots of shirts
• Ties and Belt racks 

quote.jpgWe can tailor make your interior to fit your lifestyle exactly, so why settle for a mass produced wardrobe when you can have something designed for you for a similar price?

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